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In May 2020, members of the Asia for Animals Coalition formed the Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition (SMACC) with the aim of bringing organizations together to understand, address and end the proliferation of animal cruelty content available on social media platforms. 

SMACC aims to shine a light on the hidden world of animal cruelty content in all its forms, and to lead the way in ending it. SMACC seeks to collaborate with social media platforms in order to end the availability, spread and profitability of cruelty content, and to ensure that there are no benefits to the creation or promotion of cruelty content.


The group was formed as a result of the many enquiries that the AfA network organizations receive from the public about cruelty content, and the lack of significant progress by organizations working in silo to stop this issue. 

What do we do:

  • Collect and collate data on animal cruelty content. Our cruelty content data bank forms the basis of the evidence that we use to write our reports and to communicate with the social media platforms;

  • Write reports  based on the evidence we have collected, to expose animal cruelty on social media platforms;

  • Creating a united front of organizations to approach social media platforms;

  • Hold ongoing communications with social media platforms about how the situation can be improved and how we can support their work to end online  animal cruelty content;

  • Continually seek dialogue with other social media platforms; 

  • Addressing a public need by providing information and a tool for reporting content;

  • Raise public and media awareness about online  animal cruelty content and how to identify it;

  • Advise the public about how to proceed when encountering animal cruelty content online;

  • Encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing to tackle this global issue;

  • As a network, we bring diverse organizations together to speak in a unified voice. 


This group is a collaboration between members of the Asia for Animals Coalition network.

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