The warmest welcome to you and your organization! There are just a few more steps to take to ensure you can take full advantage of the AfA Coalition Network.
  • Register to access the private area of our website:
    • Click on the "Log in / Sign Up" Button at the top right of this page
    • Complete the information and submit 

    • We will receive an email and approve your account. Please note that a team member has to do this manually for security, so we appreciate your patience

    • Once approved you will receive a notification, and will have access to the private directory and more 

  • Check your listings in both the private directory and the public directory and let us know if changes are required. It is imperative that these listings are kept up to date. 

  • Join Slack, which is fast becoming the primary mode of communication amongst network members, where  much of the  discussion happens about issues and appeals, and where news items, job listings and other resources  may be posted. To join: 

    • To join Slack, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions​

    • Once there, browse and join any the relevant channels

    • Introduce yourself! 


Further information: 

When you signed up, you indicated whether you prefer to sign appeal letters by default (opting out within seven working days of notification about a new appeal letter) or to opt in to each appeal letter individually.  Please contact us if your preference changes. 

For information about raising an appeal with the Coalition, CLICK HERE.  You must have registered to access the private area of the website to access this page.  Please note that we cannot guarantee support for every issue and that appeal requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


If we receive a bounce back from your email address, it may be deleted from our network, and if that email address is the only contact for that organisation the organisation may be removed from the network.

Supporting organisations must sign on regularly to our appeal letters.


Our network is supportive, positive and helpful. We expect all network organisations to be the same.  Abuse will not be tolerated.


Finally, please introduce us to other interested organizations, and share our work. The AfA Coalition network is free and constantly developong.  Please share this link: https://www.asiaforanimals.com/join-afa 

We're glad you've joined! 

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