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Report It!

As a social media user and animal advocate, you have a really important part to play!

Our Report It! Hub has all the tools you need to deal with cruelty content when you find it. 


Reporting animal cruelty content to the platforms is crucial to the success of bringing an end to social media animal cruelty. SMACC works with social media platforms to see changes that prohibits and removes cruelty content. But in the meantime, we need you to keep reporting cruelty content to the platforms.

The impact

A video showing a baby macaque monkey being repeatedly hit by their "owner" was available on social media. After reporting to the platform, this video was removed, meaning this abuse could not be shared online anymore.


Another video showing a fake rescue, where puppies were tied up in a bag with tape around their muzzles, was removed after being reported.

Did you know? 

SMACC estimates that around 47% of content reported to platforms is eventually removed

Social media platforms do pay attention to the types of content that is being reported. It is one thing that can influence where they put their resources for creating new policies. They need to see that animal cruelty is an urgent issue, and that their users are not happy with seeing such content on their platform.


This is why it is crucial to keep reporting, to show the platforms that animal cruelty is a major concern to their users.

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