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How to apply to become a SMACC research volunteer

If you wish to help our Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition, you can! By giving a bit of your time, you can make an incredible difference to our work.

What do volunteers do? 

We ask our volunteers to research animal cruelty content on various social media platforms and to report them through our Reporting form

How much time am I expected to volunteer every week? 

We know life can get busy - so we're very flexible! We do not ask for a specific amount of hours per week or month, we just expect you to be regularly active. When you have some time to dedicate to do the research, you can log videos on our reporting form. We understand that some weeks / months might be busier than others. 

How long will I be a volunteer for? 

This is entirely up to you! We are always collecting data that will eventually be used as evidence for our reports and for social media platforms - when you start volunteering with us, we do not give you an end date. Just let us know when you wish to stop volunteering with us! 

What do you do with the data we log?

We use all the information to write up our reports and we also use the database to evidence our points to social media platforms. Thanks to the volunteers that have supported us, we were able collect 5430 videos and to publish our first SMACC Report 'Making Money from Misery' in 2021 and we are now working hard to publish a series of Spotlight Reports this year! 

Fill in this form to apply to become a SMACC Research Volunteer. After filling in the form, a SMACC Coordinator will be in touch with you to sign a Volunteer Agreement and will send you more information about the research needed and what / how to do!  

Apply to become a research volunteer

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